Why I started Kiese

Kiese’s mission is to help construction companies win profitable work on projects they are excited to build. As a construction industry professional, I invested 11 years building projects and supporting the growth of my business unit. Although construction can be frustrating at times, I truly enjoy finding creative solutions to overcome problems and help a project succeed.

One of the challenges I experienced during my career was tracking and analyzing sales and preconstruction data across multiple platforms and contexts, including Excel, Word, networking events, follow-up emails, and other platforms and formats. This data can be critical to decision making and developing proposals or bids, but updating, organizing, and presenting often takes an inordinate amount of time. This is why I started Kiese: to help construction companies grow by transforming data management in the sales and preconstruction stage.

When I was in the field, I noticed that staff often focused primarily on project execution, and when there were problems, the blame fell on the project team and their performance failures. It was rare that a company’s decision makers would examine how the sales and preconstruction process had impacted the project team’s ability to succeed. We want to change this. With Kiese, your company can connect your sales and preconstruction process to a project’s execution, which will provide your project team with the resources they need to successfully execute the project.

Kiese is the first CRM and data analytics platform that is designed and tailored by construction industry professionals, for construction companies. With Kiese you can set performance goals, review your historical business data, receive smart analytics, and track your work all the way from sales and proposals to preconstruction. All your sales and preconstruction data are securely stored in one location and automatically updated and available across all your devices.

We are excited about the positive impact Kiese is already making for our customers! We would love to talk with you about how Kiese can help you win profitable work, manage your data, and save you money and time by streamlining your sales and preconstruction process